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Really ugly expansion problem...

Started playing D2X again after a couple of years' hiatus. Installed eveything and am playing a javazon. Picked up a maiden spear and attempted to equip it tonight. got the following error box:

location: , line 3855
expressioon: unrecoverable internal error 6fe1cecb

Figured I'd messed something up during the install, so did the uninstall/reinstall/patch thing. Instead of restoring the old character's backup, I created a new character-- assassin. Hit OK, and... crash. Same error.

Uninstall/reinstall/patch. Restore old character. Maiden spear is no longer in inventory. Everything else seems to be working just fine-- it seems to be only expansion items that affect the character's appearance (jewels, runes, etc. don't crash it) that are causing the problem.

I'll write to Blizzard support (though I'm sure I'll get the standard "reinstall" despite my telling them I've done it multiple times now) about it, but I know they'll take a few days to get back to me. Was wondering if anyone here had encountered the problem and had a quick fix...TIA
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