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I think "screwed the pooch" might be appropriate...

Please tell me this is not the devastating, game-killing event I think it is.

Went to Baal's chamber. Killed Baal. Talked to Tyrael. Tyrael opened the portal to destructioon's end. All well and good, except that Tyrael pened the portal to destruction's end on the OTHER SIDE Of THE WALL. I get to the edge of the worldstone shamber and I see the ports sitting right on the other side of it, nice as you please... but I can't get to it.

I've tried talking to Tyrael again fromo a different angle, to see if he'd open the portal closer to me. No luck.

Am I going to have to resign this character-- the first javazon with whom I've beaten Baal, who managed to pick up Frostburn along the way, has a perfect topaz-socketed Ghoul Mantle and just had Baal drop the unique Serpentskin armor AND the unique long war bow (all this on normal difficulty, mind you-- I haven't even gotten to the cows)-- to the abyss and go back to my fledgling sorceress?
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