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Go go go go! We are not forgotten! Now we know why all the Realms are going down on August 8th! (or at least why I hope they are going down, besides just maitenence)
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Lovely, now I'll be two patches behind the times!
we should get some games together, maybe some rushing so we can all hunt lillith in hell, hehe
these charms are ruining the game

melee vs melee dueling is completely ruined, the firestorm does way too much damage to bad resis, making the charm overpowered in the realm of zeal vs zeal and bvb barbs.

For the same reason why psn charms are not allowed in pure melee duels; pure melee chars rarely stack resis.
I think now the concern of most are the fact that Blizzard has now banned the CDkeys and deleted the accounts of those who used maphacks. Blizzard is really making an effort to clean up D2. . .