kyoto ¤ tig (pumpkinsherbet) wrote in diabloii,
kyoto ¤ tig

hi, i'm new here

but i've been playing diablo II for years. i usually play either offline or in gateway us east. typically mage types (sorc, druid) but i recently started playing with the assassin. i've killed duriel about three times (rushed a few people) and got rushed to act IV pretty much the second i stepped onto the kurast docks. i did kill the wanderer in two games (more rushing).

thing is, i've created 3 new games solely for the sake of completing the jade figurine quest. i've gone up and down the spider forest and i can't find a damn unique monster anywhere. every other time i've played i usually get the unique just a few steps in, but now i can't find him anywhere. does it sometimes relocate into another area, or has the skipping of quests somehow screwed it up? i normally wouldn't care about skipping a quest or two, but it's the prize i'm after.

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